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About the Show

“In Search of our Cosmic Origins” is a popular scientific show, appealing to a wide audience. In it, you will follow our guide, Ariane, on two interwoven journeys, through the Chilean Andes and through the Universe. The show is beautifully presented, with amazing astronomical images and extremely realistic 3D computer renderings.

About 400 years ago, in Padua, Italy, Galileo observed the sky with a new instrument, the telescope, and our view of the world was transformed. Now, follow the young astronomer Ariane in the show “In search of our Cosmic Origins” to discover how astronomers are continuing Galileo’s quest to understand the Universe.

Ariane takes us on a journey from ALMA’s unique site high in Chile’s Atacama region, through our Milky Way and onward to some of the most distant galaxies, seen as they were in the early Universe. Closer to home, we learn about the formation of stars and planets, and how ALMA will help us answer questions about our origins.

ALMA is the leading telescope for observing the cool Universe — the relic radiation of the Big Bang, and the molecular gas and dust that constitute the building blocks of stars, planetary systems, galaxies, and life itself.

Read more about the show on the brochure available on the downloads page.

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